Antiyacht meets Antivilla

Arno Brandlhuber is the architect who shapes abandoned concrete buildings into beautiful homes and helped establish polycarbonate as a building material.  For Rahmen, Arno is a source of inspiration. The other day, Rahmen anchored as an Antiyacht in the visual axis of Arno’s Antivilla. 


Rahmen is a floating home with polycarbonate walls and sliding doors. This lightweight construction provides an optimum sealing against rain and wind, a good distribution of light inside the house, and the open floorboards allow an excellent ventilation. The indoor climate is dry, but we take advantage of the greehouse effect, which means that we …

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The toilet was definitely a big topic. Being offgrid on the water can require a lot of high tech equipment – but for the toilet simple solutions are the best. We could have easily installed a retention tank but even this comes with filters and electrical components that we wanted to avoid. We decided for …

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