The toilet was definitely a big topic. Being offgrid on the water can require a lot of high tech equipment – but for the toilet simple solutions are the best. We could have easily installed a retention tank but even this comes with filters and electrical components that we wanted to avoid. We decided for a dry or composting toilet instead. All you need is a simple device to separate the liquid and solid aspects, such as the we-pee urine separator from freerangedesigns in the UK. The separator allows us to collect urine in bottles or directly dispose it in the river – or the lake if it is a big one. Everything else is collected in a simple bucket filled with bark mulch, which keeps the waste dry and thus ordorless. The content of the bucket is disposed from time to time toegether with other domestic waste (Hausmüll in Germany). Using some timber scrap from the roof construction and a seat to our taste we were able to build the toilet to the exact space we have for it and it functions just the same as the big branded versions. Ah and: no, we don’t feel observed in the polycarbonate cabin. Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.

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