Sun, Air, Water – Let It Flow

The requirement to create as constant an atmosphere as possible in the interior of a house or boat under changing environmental conditions leads to elaborate designs.

In the summer months, the environmental conditions in our latitudes and area are never really critical: it can be hot or cool, there is wind but no hurricanes, and precipitation but no cold and persistent humidity. It is not difficult not only to endure the spectrum of weather conditions, but to find it beneficial. For the summer months, it is possible to imagine an architecture that helps to savor the variance of weather conditions.

In addition, it is the only architecture that we dare to build ourselves. Sealing a ship’s cabin against air and water requires an effort we don’t even want to make. It’s much easier to let rainwater and air enter the cabin a bit and make sure everything dries out quickly. Thus, the walls of frames plunge into the floorboard, which in itself is already open. The polycarbonate walls ensure that sun rays warm up the interior, especially in the morning and evening. When the sun is at its zenith, the opaque roof protects from the sun and the walls can be slid open on four sides. Light, air and water can flow easily and the architecture allows to act a little on it, savoring every moment that the weather offers.

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