Rahmen is a floating home with polycarbonate walls and sliding doors. This lightweight construction provides an optimum sealing against rain and wind, a good distribution of light inside the house, and the open floorboards allow an excellent ventilation. The indoor climate is dry, but we take advantage of the greehouse effect, which means that we enjoy very convenient temperatures even in winter as soon as the sun is shining. In addition to the climatic benefits, we very much appreciate to fully experience the natural light, which is also great for reading. Despite the fact that polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer we decided for polycarbonate because it functions well as a light and yet robust membrane, its durable, requires no specific maintainance or treatment and can be re-used for other projects. In the past years architects came to appreciate polycarbonte a lot for the aforementioned qualities. We love Tato architects projects using the material and obviously Brandlhuber’s house on Brunnenstraße in Berlin Mitte. During our planning winter, we examined several swatches of different manufacturers – and decided for Rodeca!

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