Antiyacht meets Antivilla

Arno Brandlhuber is the architect who shapes abandoned concrete buildings into beautiful homes and helped establish polycarbonate as a building material.  For Rahmen, Arno is a source of inspiration. The other day, Rahmen anchored as an Antiyacht in the visual axis of Arno’s Antivilla. 

Sun, Air, Water – Let It Flow

The requirement to create as constant an atmosphere as possible in the interior of a house or boat under changing environmental conditions leads to elaborate designs. In the summer months, the environmental conditions in our latitudes and area are never really critical: it can be hot or cool, there is wind but no hurricanes, and …

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Rahmen is a floating home with polycarbonate walls and sliding doors. This lightweight construction provides an optimum sealing against rain and wind, a good distribution of light inside the house, and the open floorboards allow an excellent ventilation. The indoor climate is dry, but we take advantage of the greehouse effect, which means that we …

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Environment Bubble

In his 1965 article A home is not a house the architectural historian and theoretician Reyner Banham developed an infrastructural approach to dwelling. Based on his observation of ever-more-flimsy architectures that are made habitable by ever-more-massive machinery he started thinking from a standard of living package right away – which can be a radio, a …

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