PlanninG – Bunker oR Bikini

The degree of separation of an interior from the exterior determines the complexity of a construction. In short: the smaller the separation, the easier the construction. The bunker offers the maximum degree of separation, the swimsuit the minimum. We started planning from the swimsuit. And then the question is: What else do you need to spend a summer weekend comfortably at a lake?

Building – learning from Sushi

Remember: the Earth's resources are finite, very few have a large workshop and unlimited knowledge of craftsmanship. If you are not 100% sure to build a cathedral that will last even if many have already fallen away from their faith, then build according to the sushi principle: Take a few but good ingredients, layer them on top of each other, with each layer taking on a function, and let everyone participate in how the composition is built. If the result makes sense, someone will know how to improve it. If the result does not meet the requirements, then it is good if someone else at least knows what to do with the individual parts. Resilient materials when put together and in use and recyclable, when not longer needed, is what we are looking for.

FLOATING – Offshore perspectives

How far can we get if we do as little as possible? For now, all we need is a commuter rail ticket and a canister of gasoline before we can start floating. As floating was for long time a common modus operandi on Europe's rivers, canals and lakes, we can make use of a network with enormous reach. However, we need to get rid of the gasoline! Let's see what solar and wind energy will offer as alternatives. Suggestions in this direction are very welcome. We are happy to share our thoughts, too.